Dance trainings for dancers with life experience

In old age, other but no less exciting expressive qualities are available. One’s own body is an expression of the life one has lived – and it is good to say goodbye to questionable aesthetic ideas about dance (e.g. “you have to be young, have a well-trained body and at least be able to do the splits”).

But regardless of age: only by practicing and practicing can I develop my abilities. The body likes neither dogged training nor anxious sparing, and so we are always in a balancing act between over- and under-challenging.

Every good dance training adapts to the body and its possibilities.

Both are constantly changing throughout life – and that’s a good thing! By the way, studies now show that the inner attitude determines the aging process and the course of aging more than previously assumed. It is therefore all the more important to look at yourself and your body with ‘new eyes’ and to give yourself a new chance again and again.

Dance Performance Training 55plus

The focus is on one’s charisma, authenticity, movement quality and pleasure in moving. The training is based on the functional laws of the body. It promotes sensing of movement approaches and anatomical relationships through inner images. It takes into account different physical conditions – but is still with ‘claim’ – and is based on elements from contemporary dance and performance work.

Previous dance experience is welcome, but not a prerequisite. Physical limitations are not necessarily an obstacle. In case of doubt, please ask beforehand.

14.30 – 16.30 at the Kyodo Dojo
Mendelssohnstr. 15, House B, in Bahrenfeld

15.00 – 17.00 o’clock in the Kyodo Dojo
Mendelssohnstr. 15, House B, in Bahrenfeld

Price: varies, depending on the number of dates in the semester