Intensity and commitment

Intensity and commitment

Dance on stage

and public performances in general are the salt in the soup of artistic dance work.

I love to fill my work with content and meaning. For each dance piece, I enter into an intense exploration of the social or personal issues that are close to my heart. Each piece is preceded by research into the content, which can sometimes take months, but can also take years, and as a result becomes more and more in-depth.

I need time and leisure – whether I am developing a dance performance as a soloist or choreographing for the My Way Ensemble.

Slow Creation

My pieces are therefore often created at intervals of several years. Tearing down one production after the other is not my style at all. It has taken me many years to acknowledge and allow this, and my many years of experience with the many inspiring people in my trainings and projects have strengthened me in this.

Process versus product

Basically, a good process is the most important thing for me. Researching together, dealing with the different perspectives that all participants bring to the work are very precious to me.

The production phase begins when the performance date in the theater is set. This then means more time pressure and concretely coordinated work steps that should be achieved at the agreed times so that the production runs smoothly.