solo dance pieces

The solo work

is always a reflection on current issues. I am interested in how socio-political or personal concerns can be expressed and implemented in dance.

The connection between dance and language

fascinates me particularly. Through dance, the fleeting and the emotional are allowed to take space, through language I can address concrete content in a very targeted way. In the combination of text and movement, stories can be told that allow the audience to let their own thoughts and interpretations flow.

My solo dance performances:










Alter Ego – my better self?

The stage performance questions the mechanisms of self-optimization and counters them with the idea of self-development and self-cultivation. Is the constant demand for self-optimization not rather a voluntary adaptation to constraints and thus an expression of the economization of the social? Who determines the underlying value standards and ideals and who actually profits from them?

February 10-13, 2022, Hamburger Sprechwerk

Me, Optimized?

A performative reflection on the permanent pressure to constantly improve, to increase and to surpass oneself again and again.

The burden and the pleasure of self-optimization!

Research & Lecture Dance Talk.

Interactive livestream on three evenings with two invited guests each. Viewers were able to participate in live discussion, respond to what they saw, and share their experiences in a live poll.

May 5-7, 2021

Eating cherries with Rosalia

“Eating Cherries with Rosalia” is a fictional dialogue with Rosalia Chladek, the ‘grande dame of expressive dance’ – and my first dance teacher. The topics range from very personal questions about life and love to an analysis of her teaching concept and its consistency and relevance for today’s dancers.

“Eating Cherries” with Rosalia tells through dance and linguistic means about the relationship between master and student, about the hunt for artistic recognition by others, about dance legends and training approaches, about control, jealousy, about anger and love for dance, for oneself and the body.

October 31, 2015, Hamburger Sprechwerk
June 6, 2015 at the Sport University Cologne (as part of the symposium “The Legacy of Dance Modernism in a Contemporary Context”).