Seminars for Professionals

My seminars and lectures are aimed at professionals or people in training (e.g. stage dance, choreography, dance mediation, dance therapy, acting, etc) and are tailored to the specific needs and wishes of the interested party, the institute or the training management.

The offer includes

  • compact knowledge transfer
  • implementation of the theoretical content in dance practice
  • plenty of room for personal experience, for trying out and experimenting

My seminars are designed in such a way that they support the students in not only expanding their knowledge horizon, but also in finding their own clarity.

As an expert, I am aware of my leadership role and the responsibility that comes with it. Flat hierarchies, friendly, respectful and appreciative interaction are a must for me!

The following seminars can be booked with me:

Basics of Laban Motion Analysis

In this seminar an overview of the most important aspects of movement analysis will be given.

The categories BODY, EFFORT, SPACE and SHAPE as well as PHRASING and RELATIONSHIP will be introduced theoretically, implemented in dance and thus made tangible. One concern of the BA is to recognize movement and to describe it as neutrally as possible. The basic vocabulary for this is taught. Furthermore, the participants will have the opportunity to observe movements and to assign them to different categories.

Format and duration by arrangement

Bartenieff Fundamentals

Overview of Irmgard Bartenieff’s work and its relevance to the body and dance.

Contents include body connections, body organization patterns, Basic Six and movement sequences derived from these. Overview of underlying themes and principles.

Format and duration by arrangement

Choreography and design tools from movement analysis.

The conscious use of the categories PHRASING, DRIVE, SPACE and FORM is a cornucopia of creativity. In this seminar, improscores and movement sequences that have been previously determined with each other will be “played through” under the most diverse aspects.

The seminar is a source of inspiration for dancers and choreographers who want to recognize their own preferences and expand their stylistic range.

Format and duration by arrangement

Project Know-How in Community Dance

Practical support for choreographers or dance facilitators who are working towards a performance and need assistance.
Whether it is a short performance or a whole show, at the beginning there is always the question: How can I develop interesting movement material for the work with amateurs and which choreographic means are available to create dance performances with an artistic claim?
Contents are concept development, overall organization, methodical approaches, observation and interpretation of the rehearsal process, difficulties and problem solutions on the way from the first rehearsal to the performance. The course will also cover how to develop and sensibly build up a training session that trains for and creates matching movements to suit your idea for a piece (from warm-up to more complex dance sequences).

Format and duration by arrangement