Be in the moment

and yield to the flow

Everybody can dance!

Whether I work with professionals or dedicated amateurs: I love to encourage and support people to nurture the artists:in within themselves and to promote personal strengths in dance.

Every person is unique and in my offerings I create the conditions for this individuality to unfold.
 For me, this means that the dancers are seen personally, that individual approaches are encouraged and that there is no group pressure.

I see my task in teaching dance as bringing the experiences from which I myself have benefited most to others. What is important to me is a differentiated observation of movement, feedback tailored to the respective person and a benevolent cooperation.

Dance trainings & seminars

If you are looking for inspiration or want to change, you must of course be willing to try out new ways and approaches for yourself, for your own dance practice or in dealing with your body.

I offer different formats – depending on whether you practice dance professionally or are simply looking for a meaningful dance training that values people and bodies. Or maybe you would like to participate as a dancer/accompanist in a dance performance production for the stage.

My offers are available as compact seminars, workshops, weekly trainings or on request also 1:1 in individual coaching.

Seminars Professional

Dance practical know-how, choreographic tools, movement analysis. Bartenieff Fundamentals. Success factors in community dance. Methodical-didactical competence mediation.

Dance training all levels

Modern dance, contemporary dance

Weekly trainings to get in good contact with yourself and your body on a regular basis.

Dance training 55plus

Takes into account the special circumstances of people with life experience. Lively and inspiring – and yet with “claim”.


An opportunity to dedicate oneself intensively to a topic over a longer period of time (a weekend or a whole week)

Individual coaching

A 1:1 consultation on the topic that is close to your heart – it can be an artistic, educational or physical concern